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At Lots of Tots we value the importance of learning through play. Our curriculums are designed to reflect the interests and capabilities of the children so that learning can occur to its full potential

Additional to this our Reggio Emilia influenced pedagogy encompasses Project work, both planned and spontaneous.

We view toddlers as competent, active learners. We underpin this by providing them with a learning environment that not only supports their agency but allows them to develop the skills they need for future learning.

The skills needed to participate meaningfully in these group experiences are introduced and developed. Their agency is fully supported, creating a foundation for children to thrive in the Preschool Education Program (P.E.P)

Toddler Program Features

Project Work

The Toddler children are given the opportunity to participate in Project work.

A project provides a vehicle for achieving a much larger intent. It is derived from children’s interests and is a means for children and teachers to work together/collaboratively. Because a project commands a commitment by the children, it is important they have an interest in the topic and become engaged.

The projects involve a range of provocations that allow children to develop theories and predictions as well as strategies to test them in collaboration with their peers and teachers.

Teachers are regarded as co-learners with the children. This means they are not viewed to have all the answers but set out with the children on a journey of learning and discovering.

Depending on the needs of the group and the amount of interest in a project, a project work group can vary in numbers.

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