Jr. Preschool 3-4yrs

Our P.E.P encompasses the two years children spend in our Preschool rooms- The Junior Preschool Room (3-4) and the Preschool room (4-5).

In this way, children are exposed to a quality preschool program from the age of 3 when they enter the Junior Preschool room.

At Lots of Tots we value the importance of learning through play and our curriculums are designed to reflect the interests and capabilities of the children so that this can occur at its full potential. Additional to this our Preschool rooms participate in daily Morning Meetings, Project Work and group times (planned and spontaneous)

The skills needed to participate meaningfully in these group experiences are introduced and then developed over their two years in the P.E.P in both rooms and provide the foundation for future learning.

Jr Preschool Program Features

Morning Meeting

While each child is greeted individually, the day for the class as a community begins with Morning Meeting, where we share ideas and news with each other. This is also a time for the children to participate in brain gym exercises as well as signing in for the day and formally greeting their teachers and peers.

Part of our philosophy is to build a strong community which all children feel a part of. By beginning the day together in this way, we are building a community, modelling respect as well as preparing for school by being on time.

Project Work
Outdoor Curriculum


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